The Grim Rapper

The Grim Rapper

The Grim Rapper

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1h 55m 2020 HD

Nézze meg a The Grim Rapper filmek magyarul. The year is 1996. After the East-Coast West-Coast hip-hop war leaves a notorious L.A. gangsta rapper shot dead, the resurrected thug returns as a relentless killing machine, hellbent on revenge! He's "The Grim Rapper", determined to wipe out the posse that did him wrong by executing his targets with his gruesome weapon of choice: a massive skull-laden boom-box that obliterates anyone in its path with deadly beats blasted straight outta Hell! As the bodies pile up, the streets run red and everyday hustlin' turns into a hip-hoppin' horrorshow!

The Grim Rapper (2020)
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