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1h 20m 2022 HD

Nézze meg a 深海蛇难 filmek magyarul. After his fiancé sudden death, Qin Yu is convinced Cass Corporation is somehow involved and is determined to find the truth. Booking passage on the same cruise ship as former Cass employee, Jason, Qin Yu follows him. Qin Yu hopes to secure the information he needs on Cass to be able to testify against them in court. But Qin Yu isn’t the only person on board hoping to gain intel on Cass. Desperate for a story, reporter Feng Li tails both Qin Yu and Jason, booking passage on the same cruise. Unfortunately, no one has much of a chance to gain information as the ship is suddenly attacked by giant mutant snakes. Escaping the attack, the survivors find themselves on the very island Cass Corporation has been conducting their illegal experiments. Hunted by monsters of all sorts, will any of the survivors find a way to bring Cass down and make it off the island alive?

深海蛇难 (2022)
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